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These Daily Reflections supply the messages from Grace Church as daily video clips from the most recent sermons. Each day's clip will last about 10 minutes and if you watch them all, you will have reviewed morning and evening sermons from the previous Sunday.

Daily Reflections Closing Down

Dear Friends, After much consideration, we have decided to close down our Daily Reflections ministry, so that the post that appeared this morning will be the final one on this blog. We originally conceived the ministry as giving people an opportunity in the course of a week to review the morning and evening messages that were preached at Grace Church on the preceding Sunday. Initially, we divided Pastor Bryant's preaching notes and sent them out in this way but when the notes changed to a mote bulleted format, we decided to send out links to play clips from the video recordings instead, with each clip representing one or two of the main headings from the message in question. An analysis of the usage this service is experiencing has led us to conclude that the effort required each week to prepare the Reflections could be better spent in other areas of our ministry - especially when users can view the video recordings in several sittings quite easily at our main sermon recording archive: https://gcmodesto.sermons.io/sermons We apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause, and hope that users will find alternative ways to profit from our pulpit ministry. In Christ Grace Church Modesto Internet Ministries Team