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These Daily Reflections supply the messages from Grace Church as daily video clips from the most recent sermons. Each day's clip will last about 10 minutes and if you watch them all, you will have reviewed morning and evening sermons from the previous Sunday.

Ministry Reflection - June 23, 2009

Divine Preservation: Psalm 18

The first example we have is David’s confrontation with the lion and the bear. We can easily pass over these events and not consider how dangerous these animals were – especially since we learn about his encounter with them in the context of his battle with Goliath. David defended his flock against these animals at the risk of his own life and the Lord graciously delivered him from both, and so preserved the one through whom his Son would come into the world. Here is a picture of what the Lord Jesus would do for us in His mediatorial work: Christ is our Shepherd who, when we were helpless and in the power of Satan – who would have surely dragged us into hell – stood up for us, laying down His own life that He might destroy the devil and save our lives.

Another even greater example is that of Goliath. Goliath was a very dangerous man. Not only was he a giant with giant weapons, he also had the skill to use them effectively, since he had spent virtually his whole life learning and perfecting the art of war from his youth. David, on the other hand, was a shepherd and still a youth. And yet through his experience of God’s mercy in killing the lion and the bear, he was fully persuaded that the Lord would deliver Goliath into his hands as well. The Lord didn’t disappoint him: He not only saved David from Goliath, who was certainly strong enough to have given David’s flesh to the beasts of the field and the birds of the air as he had threatened, He also gave Goliath into David’s hands to kill him. He first slung a stone into Goliath’s forehead, and then cut off his head with Goliath’s own sword and in the process delivered Israel. So also the Son of David killed the spiritual Goliath that wanted to destroy us by dealing a crushing blow to his head on the cross. It’s interesting to note the number of times the most outstanding villains in the Bible are killed by a wound to the head. These are so many instances of the seed of the woman crushing the head of the serpent, and so many pictures of the true seed of the woman crushing Satan himself on the cross.

How many times did Saul try to kill David, and how many times did the Lord deliver him? The first time was when he gave his daughter Michal as a wife for the price of a mere one hundred Philistine foreskins. Of course, this meant David had to kill that many Philistines at the risk of his own life. But the Lord protected him. David returned, having killed not only 100 Philistines, but twice that many (1 Sam. 18). Saul’s plan failed – the seed of the serpent was not able to overcome the seed of the woman, rather the seed of the woman crushed the head of the seed of the serpent.

Saul later commanded Jonathan and all his servants to put David to death (1 Sam. 19:1). But instead of killing him, the Lord changed Jonathan’s heart to love David as his own soul and to do what he could to protect him, even at the risk of his own life. This is especially interesting in light of the fact that Jonathan was next in line to the throne of his father, giving him perhaps the greatest motivation to kill David himself. The Lord protected David, his Seed and his throne: the seed of the serpent was not able to overcome the seed of the woman.

Saul on at least four occasions threw a spear at David to pin him to the wall. But the Lord preserved him each time, allowing him to escape (1 Sam. 18:10, 11; 19:9, 10; 20:33). The Lord was protecting David and his Seed.

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